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Publishing books and pamphlets with

an anti-authoritarian perspective since 1968

Black & Red Books record contemporary and historical attempts to lead principled lives. They examine social relations within our community and in the wider world, hoping to preserve the planet and the living beings who reside on it.

From theory to poetry, Black & Red publications focus on the coercive restraints of Capital, its authoritarian social relations and the deceptive abilities of political leaders who desire its power.

New Additions

Black & Red Books is proud to announce our two most recent publications. We are currently working on our next book, Part Two of  The Strait. Check back for updates.

Summer on Fire – A Detroit Novel

Peter Werbe

A mix of history and inventive remembrances, Summer on Fire recreates six weeks in the intense summer of 1967. Riots, rock and roll, shootings, marches, and bomb plots shake Detroit, reminding us that today’s turmoil is a mirror of that era.

Seizure of State Power

Fredy Perlman & Michael Velli

The logic and principles of Machiavelli, Marx, Lenin, Mao, and of Carl Davidson and SDS, shape this exposure of the classical route for achieving State power in the Western world. Seizure first appeared as Part 3 of Michael Velli’s Manuel for Revolutionary Leaders (1972).